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Advocacy organization with an agenda

FWIW: Heads up if you were serving in SF Command’s units during the mid-90s. I read an article today and got a sick feeling in my stomach.
SPLC had a theory that a right wing military Vet was responsible for the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta.
So, the administration ordered that we open up the personnel qualification files at USASFC(A) to allow this “not for profit” to pursue the theory. They are not a law enforcement agency, nowhere near journalists, nor were they even lawyers using judicial discovery to research their lawsuit. They were operatives that gained a lot of PII on people they had IMHO no business collecting on.
This may be relevant if your PII has somehow been compromised. PM me and I’ll give you what I remember as well as who was directed to carry out the assistance to them. There’s no attorney-client info that I have, and I wouldn’t share it if I did have that.
Of note, the federal task force investigating the bombing did utilize USASFC(A) assistance. I didn’t witness any effort by them to amass PII on the Regiment as a whole.
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