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Originally Posted by bm2bob View Post
More info

Seven years as a SWCC with the physical requirements therein. A couple years of MMA. CrossFit pretty consistent for about 10 years. I am not "athletic" I work out :)

No traumatic injury just overuse over a long period and an unwillingness to let them heal. No Physical Therapy, but I did get a TENS unit for a while. Thanks VA.

I would love any ideas you can give me. The pain is primarily along the tendon that makes up the funny bone. Lateral or medial confuse me in regard to elbows.

I work out about 5 days a week. 3 days weights and conditioning with a metcon or rowing and 2 days of swimmimng ,1 a tempo paced/long interval and one a steady state workout.
TENS units are great for recovery and rehab! My normal program involves squatting in some way pretty much every day (snatches and cleans count ) so I use a ghetto TENS unit on my quads post workout. I would recommend it on your elbows as well post workout.

If you hold your right hand out, palm up, is the pain on the left or right side of the elbow (in this case, medial is left (inside) and lateral is right (outside))

Seeing your past training and normal training habits, it looks like you've probably got some over worked pronators (the muscles that turn your palms down) and under worked supinators (muscles that turn your palm up).

I hope it's okay to post a link to a video in here.

This is a great way to light up your forearms. You'll need a bucket and some rice for this. Try all 4 exercises, and don't be afraid to go to failure. Pain should stay relatively low during these. I have another exercise but I don't know the name so I'll have to find a video of it first.

If possible, try to do more exercises with a supinated grip (palms facing you), such as pull ups or barbell rows.

I also recommend some pretty intense foam rolling on your forearms and triceps, focusing more on the triceps. Make sure to get all aspects of the tricep (roll palm down and palm up), same for forearm.

Try to implement these things for a few weeks and let me know and we can go from there. These should at least give you a great start.

Good Luck!
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