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Originally Posted by Expatmedic View Post
She believes in traditional gender roles, but easily takes care of anything the house needs.
My wife got tired of asking me to finish the bathroom since all I wanted to do was build dirt bikes.

So she's taught herself how to lay flooring, put up and finish drywall, put up cement board, tile the shower, use the miter saw to cut trim, etc, etc. All I have to do is get up from the garage to lift the heavy stuff and put the plumbing together.

Fair trade off. This past weekend she started putting drywall in the basement. All I have to do is get up and put the upper sheet in place (since she's only 109lbs I don't mind, especially since she wrestles the bottom 4x8' sheets into place and screws them in herself.

My only complaint is her titties aren't that big.
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