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Originally Posted by Fubar View Post
It seems like every year I get into arguments about the discharge of fireworks with my neighbors. I hate the fireworks ban that most cities impose.

Common reasons given to support the ban are:
  • Neighbors with PTSD
  • Fireworks terrorize animals
  • Safety

I think 1 day out of the year, we should be given a pass to celebrate this great Country.

Do any of our members with PTSD find July 4th to be a problem for them? I'd like to know. This might slow my roll.

As to safety - play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Burn someone's house down - you are going to burn.

Animals. While I feel for them, I don't care enough 1 time out of the year. Call me an unfeeling bastard.

What do y'all think of firework bans?
Fireworks on July 4, New Year’s Eve or other expected holidays does not bother me. Fireworks on days that are not holidays startle me but not enough to do a ban.
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