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Originally Posted by SOTB View Post
For shits and grins, I started this program yesterday. I am doing the pushups, situps, and squats -- back-to-back.

After weighing the comments above in reference to what the actual "test" should look like, I decided to go with 2 min being the major parameter.

So yesterday's test looked like this:

60 pushups/63 situps/70 squats....
After starting at week 3 and moving forward, I finished last week. I ran a final test on Sunday which looked like this:

80 pushups/70 situps/90 squats

I'm kinda bummed about the situps, but I blame my poor performance on having a gut full of chicken and dumplings. And planetary misalignment. And a sandstorm over Africa.

I also ran a Two for Twenty (200 pushups and 200 squats in 20 min or less) test yesterday, and it looked OK, but nothing spectacular. 15 min, 50 sec.

Out of all of this my thoughts are that the program probably works, I don't have any doubts I could knock out the max number of exercise, but I could do that when I started. And although I think it did a good job increasing my ability to pump out the pushups and squats rapidly, I did notice that my right knee has been affected, and this even though I tried to push out perfect form and not hurt my knees.

So there you have it, I think it works, I think it can hurt you, but I don't think it caused any long-term horrible damage....
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