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I completed the program a couple weeks ago and hit over 100 pushups in a 2 minute max set. It worked out pretty well for me, so I decided to continue past a week 6 and create a week 7 using more or less the same linear progression from 6 to 7 that weeks 5 to 6 used. If anyone is interested, here are the numbers.

Week 7
Day 1: 54-70-40-36-70+ =270, 60 seconds rest between sets.
Day 2: 25-25-38-38-30-30-25-25-73+ =309, 45 seconds rest between sets.
Day 3: 32-32-42-42-32-32-30-30-75+ =347, 45 seconds rest between sets.

I hit 135 pushups in 1:52 after doing week 7 a couple times through. I'll toss up week 8 when I crunch the numbers for anyone else interested in pushing their numbers up after the program finishes. Also, out of curiosity, does anyone else find themself focusing on speed when the reps start getting up there? I've needed to start supplementing workouts with sets of slow chest to deck pushups in order to remain balanced.
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