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I finally reached 100 push-ups today - I have followed a number of programs during the last 15 or so years, but always got stuck around 65 repetitions.

Today, at an age of 51, I believe that I have found the answer to reaching 100 or more: Breathing.

I have kept it very simple:

A couple of times a week I do 3-4 sets of 50 pushups - with abdominal exercises in between - and ample time to get my pulse down.

2-3 times a week, I do the following simple exercise: Max pushups - 45 seconds of rest - the remaining pushups until I reach 100.

The latest 4 sets consisted of:

60/40 pushups
72/28 pushups
80/20 pushups
70/30 pushups
- 4 days of rest due to busy family schedule -
100 pushups.

I guess the rest period did me good - I was expecting to under perform due to lack of training and eating lots of sweet cookies etc, but instead I reached a lifetime high.

So fancy programs may work, but the advice from a previous post (do 100/day and you will never get out of shape) was what I needed to follow.

Next target: 120.

About the breathing: I inhale/exhale slowly, doing about 3 reps per deep breath cycle rather than trying to force one breath per pushup - or forgetting to breath entirely. It can be a bit hard to keep the count when you focus on controlled breathing, but the improvement shows it is worth the effort.


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