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Originally Posted by Hostile0311 View Post
I had a DI in boot camp back in 99' who said you should do at least a 100 push ups a day as well as a 100 crunches cumulative. He said no matter what...if you did these'd never be out of shape. I listened and to this day I do a 100 and a 100. I run, bike and swim whenever I can but my core workout is 5 sets of 20 (with the perfect pushup gizmo which I think was invented by a SEAL), 5 sets of 10 curls with 50lb dumbbells, 5 sets of standing overhead raises with 50lb dumbbells, and 100 crunches on the decline.
Agreed, it emphasizes muscle endurance. "Prison" work outs are great and there is no reason not to do them. I print a chart, when I am at home everyday cumulative total of at least 100 push-ups and sit-ups. Daily vitamins and trips to the gym are a great way to maintain readiness. With most Americans becoming more and more sedentary pushups and sit-ups become an excellent, no excuses needed to condition ones self.
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