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Operators or not?

I was recently on a popular Operator website and posted a question: Are Civil Affairs Specialist considered Operators?
I was immediately attacked by the ALL CAPS mafia. "NO NO AND NO!!!!", "KILL YOURSELF", and things of the such.
This question was probably not asked correctly.

What I wanted my question to do is verify if CA are considered Operators in the sense of their ACTUAL operations, and not if they kick in doors and fast rope into a KLE. I am not making jokes. This is a legimate question.
I'm sure there is a legitimate amount of respect for CA specialist, and I look forward to the opportunity at being a Force Multiplier.

I met a few Operators who did not have the highest ideas about their time with CA in theater. Most of what I received was "They didn't do much".

I'm not trying to start a fued or belittle CA. Nor am I trying to call out the Operators. I'm sure just like any other organization, you have your good experiences, and you have your bad ones.

Is this just one of those Engineers vs. EOD bad mouth contest? (I had talks with a lot of EOD down range. Guess that is an actual rivalary). No I'm not comparing EOD and Engineers workload to the Operators or CA.