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Originally Posted by GirlwithaGlock View Post
2. One of the easy (and free) ways to get PDUs is through Defense Acquisition University ( It is not listed as a PMI approved provider, but their classes are accepted for PDUs.
Figured I'd put some information associated with DAU here, since it intersects with a self reading program....

Defense Acquisition University (DAU) has put a bunch of periodical databases behind a CAC wall for anyone that's .mil

It's got access to Harvard Business Review and a bunch of other materials, including .mil distribution statement A periodicals/magazines that goes back many years.

To check obscurity, I ran a search on myself (a few articles co-authored and interviewed on some geeky stuff) and it pulled up the info. I ran some searches on my base and it pulled up black and white photos from an article in 1960 of my building.

Either way, useful research tool for .mil (military or civilian).
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