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Originally Posted by Mr.Smith View Post
I have a question for you guys. Hopefully, I am not out of line here.

My wife has Epilepsy, and her meds (without insurance) run for approximately 7K/month. For stockpiling for a SHTF situation, does anyone have a reliable on-line source to get prescription meds? Or maybe knows some other way of obtaining vital medication for these scenarios. Any advice is appreciated.
I am a type 1 diabetic and the best method I have found is to use your insurances approved 90 day mail order RX plan, then sign up for auto delivery. These mail order pharmacies seem to have a slight leeway and will mail you a refill that will last at least 90 days every 75 to 80 days. After a couple of years you will note that you are starting to accumulate a stockpile.
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