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Originally Posted by colmurph View Post
Annex 11 was an NCO club annex on the north side of Bragg Bulevard back in the 60's, A lot of ossifers wives used to go there when their husbands were deployed. There was also the 82d Officers club which was next to Womack Hospital near the old "Dog Lab". Nco's wives and wives from Pope would hang out there on Friday nights. Both places were meat markets.
I didn't realize until I was divorced, how fucked up the meat market was.... I'm out one night with the guys and said, "Where'd all these damn women come from?".... the response was simple, " Unit XYZ was deployed...." And yes they were all looking to fuck. I was amazed, yet another layer of naivete gone forever!

It was less noticeable at Hunter due to the proximity of Savannah and many bars, but holy shit, down at Stewart where there was only one...maybe 1.5 bars... it stood out like a two boys fucking on the White House lawn.
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