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[QUOTE=base7;1058113064]Speaking of how things have changed, does anybody here remember back in the 80's the name of the bar in the basement of the O Club at Ft Benning that would bring in the topless dancers...although they covered their nipples with band aid strips. I spent many, many drunken nights and $ bills there as a young 2Lt. QUOTE]

I remember a very similar or same place in Nov 1982... I had to detail a fireteam to hold a cab driver against his will while I went back into the breach to get one of our guys away from a near ambush executed by one of those strippers. "No Man Left Behind." We eventually, with all accounted for, exfiled back to our company area in the detained cab and arrived as the company was getting formed up. The cab driver parked right in front of the formation and we exited that station wagon in record time for drunk fools and ran/stumbled for the ranks.....
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