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I think as a general consensus that if you going to be in the WPPS/Security OCONUS type of job, you need a couple of things in your go bag....

1) Solid background
2) ability to bend over ass backward for those days....
3) physical fitness

Everything else, is pretty much, given or can be taught...but you can't teach fitness or assume everyone is or will be fit and pass it, as TRIPOD had mentioned. Even some of the bigger dudes who can push 3 X the weight had to work at the stretch or Illinois Agility Run and especially 1.5 mile run.

But we all had heard of SGT ROCK's legendary feats of strength from any one who ever went through ITI in TX or VA....ROCK 's feats of strength ....especially around Festivus...the holiday where "Feats of Strength" is always a test of manhood....

Be safe everyone, good luck to you brother!
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