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I used to do resumes as a personal enjoyment and as a boost to the incumbent needing some assisst. I would bring the incumbent to my home, I would interview them for their background, then transfer that background into resume format. After the resume I would "play-role" employer-applicant and aid the incumbent on how to handle an employment interview. Every one of the people I helped was hired or promoted to the sought after positon, all except one.

This one liked me well enough, a female. But she was so stubborn and private that she was hell bent on being hard headed, planned no cooperation with an interviewing Board. I told her she would not be promoted to the Manangement position she sought. And, she was not.

For my services I used to charge a six-pack of beer. This was only a token exchange as I had income and I liked to aid those eager persons who are coming up the ladder and need some pro-assistance. I have since terminated my resume training as I have bigger fish that take my free time.

But for those reading this, and in my prior life I have reviewed several hundred resumes that stunk, $25.00 is a mere pittance for an attractive resume. Those whom read resumes are generally trained to pick out the flaws and valuable points. Such as using the world "I" too often. Speaks of being eccentric.

Remember, resumes will be in competition, and only the winner wins.

As an example, I recall have a resume in folder form placed before me. It was an inch thick. A Retired Army Colonel. I only read the personel Iden of the Colenel then dismissed the resume folder. It reeked with egotism. A bad trait to take into a new Company and new experienced subordinates.

Good show, Silverbullet.
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