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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post

Oh and that's "Fred" in the background. He hung around for quite some time, actually got a VS-17 panel attached to him later, chem lites at night.

He met his demise when he followed us off the airfield on patrol one night. We were asked if he was "ours" we had no idea the ramifications for "Fred" when we said no........
Oh PLEASE. Let's sum up . . . cattle. no autopsy, traces of BB sauce . . . NCIS could solve THIS one.
Wolves and alligators should be cross-bred to make wolfagators that will be silent and fast, and we'll never have to hear from those people, they will just be wolfagator shit.

Are you fucking serious? That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all week...and I'm at a senior staff planning conference, so, the bar has been set pretty high. You should be proud. - Gavin
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