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Originally Posted by RangerJurena View Post
Oh and that's "Fred" in the background. He hung around for quite some time, actually got a VS-17 panel attached to him later, chem lites at night.

He met his demise when he followed us off the airfield on patrol one night. We were asked if he was "ours" we had no idea the ramifications for "Fred" when we said no........
We adopted a sheep in Iraq that we took to calling "Skittles" because the thing enjoyed eating them. I've got a couple of pictures of everybody gathered around her for a photo with the VS-17 on her back, digging into a bunch of skittles we laid on the ground.

Not sure what happened to her, I imagine she wound up on somebody's kitchen table at some point.
"This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let's not bicker and argue over who killed who!"
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