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Originally Posted by Octoberfest View Post
It still blows me away that people even look twice at the huff post. Not even in regards to politics, it is an absolute farce of a news organization
It blows me away that people don't read Huffington Post.

You need to be reading that shit. I read it every day, along with Salon, Mother Jones and Slate.

Do you want to not know what they are propagandizing?

Should we just all stick our fingers in our ears and go Lalalalalala I can't hear you over how awesome fox news is Lalalalala

I don't need to hear my own views parroted back at me in an inarticulate and ponderous manner, making me question why I have those views (Fox). I want to hear the views of people I don't agree with, so I can formulate counter arguments and strategies. Plus every now and again, believe it or not, liberals do come up with a good point. For instance, they've always squawked about police brutality- only recently have we woken up to its hideous reality.

To make another point- at Robin Sage, you don't get classes on what the fuck General Petraeus thinks. You get classes on what Mao and Che Guevara thought. Because to destroy your enemy you must understand him, even empathize with him.
The history of the world is the history of war between secret societies"
- Robert Anton Wilson, "The Illuminatus Trilogy"
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