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Originally Posted by poison View Post
your post...
Great post, I try to learn a lot from other's experiences (wherever possible!).
Those case files would be eye openers, for sure.

Originally Posted by The Corporate Guy View Post
Impact conditioning is fundamental to any good system...and one of the reasons I like old school systems like judo, boxing and MT. Physical conditioning is up there as well. For both, the trick is doing them smartly. And the definition of smart changes as we age.

After Poison's previous State Farm post, I was considering Judo again...but I think I am to old and slow to not get taken down in the process. Just like my cardio has become more "interval training" than pure running. (not a bad thing, really). Down from 235lb to 185lb in the last year. And lifting more (weighted squats, etc). That and more potassium (green foods) and vitC/B's seem to help reduce the stress (of slow death by cubicle). Trying to "play smarter". Something to do with hormones at age 55!

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