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He was a turkish policeman. Its being called a attack by Gulen party (the one supposedly involved in the turkish coup) its doubtful it was as Gulen doesn't do terrorist attacks. They do media and social media attacks and do not even support the syrian rebel movements (the guy stated in turkish and my turkish is terrible- to paraphrase that he did what he did due to russia killing innnocents in syria amongst saying allah akbar etc). But it looks like erdocrazy is going to utilize the attack to his advantage (and Putin probably will as well) Worst part is its getting more media then when turkey leveled a city of 20,000+ and committed acts that even the US military didn't do in the whole OIF campaign. (Note I am heavily against PKK, but for turkey to declare so and so is terrorists while demolishing whole cities for the sake of terrorism is outright wrong) As a side note, Turkeys consistent crackdown is actually boosting PKK and revolutionary movements. (there are two turkish non-kurd groups now fighting in rojava with the YPG (PYD is the political wing).

What Turkey should take away from this is when you lay in bed with islamists, eventually the tables will turn. Just like in the Soviet/Afgh war, supporting jihadists rarely ever will stabilize or help your countries cause. Hopefully the truth comes out and he was nothing more than a aleppo sympathizer.