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Originally Posted by MacDuff View Post
I'm interested.

What do you need in order to be a competitive candidate?
Hard to answer. However, it appears that they try very hard to make the group diverse and well-rounded... which I think is brilliant because it creates an incredible class dynamic.

Everyone in the program was extremely clever and talented, but in different ways. More than a few had MBAs. Probably most were officers. Lots of Academy grads. Just about every branch, MOS and level of military experience were represented. Seemed about half were retiring or transitioning out soon.

Myself: Regular 0311. 4 years active. BA with an above average GPA. Only a little "real business" experience. Currently working at a startup. Although, to be very honest, I feel like I may have made it by the skin of my teeth. They selected 4-5 more than the previous year because of the quality of applications. Regardless, I'm damn glad I was accepted. If you would like, you can PM me and I'll add you on LinkedIn.

Advice: 1) In your application essays, clearly identify exactly why you are so passionate about wanting to join this program, what you will contribute and what you hope to get out of it. 2) Be sure your resume/CV is tailored for this type of small business/entrepreneurship program. 3) Get references from people who really know you well and can write convincingly about the quality of your character and abilities... don't just go for references from top of the chain somewhere who doesn't know you well.

Really, about the same as applying to an MBA, I suppose. There will be a round of interviews via web/phone before final selection where they will get to know you a bit more. Again, be sure to deliver.

I would imagine that the info seminar on Feb 2 will be a great resource for you
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