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Originally Posted by Cruiserweight View Post
It's be probably ten years since I read that series, I need to reread it. So so good. I've been a big King fan for a long time and have read near everything he's ever written, which helps to understand the Dark Tower series, as most of the settings and a few of the characters are taken from his other works. While I don't care for his personal political views, he's an excellent writer. Can't wait to see the movie!
I've read King sporadically over the years and think 11/22/63 was a great novel. Since finishing The Dark Tower I've been reading a lot of SK. I reread The Dead Zone and The Shining, then picked up Doctor Sleep and Finders Keepers. Next will be End of Watch. I got 900 pages into The Stand but had to put it down. I plan to eventually finish it but that one really drags along.
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