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Originally Posted by Polypro View Post
Get your Total and Free Testosterone, and Estrodiol (E2) Tested.
A *good* HRT/TRT specialist will Rx Testosterone Cypionate if you are in the 300-400 range.
You *do not* want any gels or pellets, etc... you want a 10ml vial of 200mg/ml Testosterone Cypionate. Generic Watson is $45 for about 5 months worth, out of pocket with GoodRx
Polypro, tell me more about this. Lots of questions.

Is what you're referring to an injection type medication? Does a tolerance build up requiring more and more (higher dosages) over time?

I have not had the lab work done yet, but what are your feelings on addressing with just pro-Testosterone/anti-Estrogen diet corrections? Did you try that and have ANY luck at all?
Effects on blood glucose? Blood pressure?

IF I start an artificial T^, am I not shutting down (for good) any normal, natural production I may have left? In other words I'm signing up for a lifelong commitment to artificial supplementation?

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