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The Governor booted the local gas supplier, Columbia Gas, from working on the problem and put Eversource in charge of the matter. Columbia's response has been less than adequate apparently.

The theory being floated is a check valve. If it were one line somewhere it would have been isolated to one house, or street, instead three cities/towns.

NTSB is the lead investigative agency as gas being transported through these lines puts it under them. Who knew?

Mass State Police and the Essex County District Attorney's office are the lead criminal investigation agency at this time due to the one death (a chimney from an exploded house fell on a car killing the occupant). The FBI (and I hear ATF) are kicking around but they will likely not do anything unless it becomes a terrorism thing (which it does not appear to be at tis time).

There is still no electricity in most of the three affected communities. There are cops from all over eastern Massachusetts manning intersections and doing looting patrols (Lawrence, for those that don't know, is one of the biggest shit holes in New England).

There are teams of FF, cops, utility workers, and locksmiths, going house to house looking for people (doesn't sound like anyone is missing but just in case), and ensuring gas is turned off at the meter. It sounds like they want all meters shut down before they try to "re-gas" the lines.

ETA: Lawrence is one of the largest heroin distribution points in New England (If not the largest). I heard the drug guys are keeping their ears open for rips on these houses (for drugs and cash).
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