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Originally posted by WALTON C.
Yeah I read and look around I type things in and read books. I am so sorry I am not as freckin computer literit as some of you guys are. Maybe I should stop everything I am doing and go to Computer school so I can use the internet like you smart people. SIR!!

Sorry I am not a NERD with a key board.SIR!
You've been a member here sice last July. By now, you should have lurked on this board long enough to know that asking questions regarding information that is fairly easily found is not tolerated very well, and indicates in inability to think for yourself.

Furthermore, Southoftheborder is a moderator and has done the things you aspire to do, yet you have replied to him in a smart-assed manner. This, also, is not tolerated. I would suggest you retract your statement posthaste and submit an appology.