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Originally Posted by Mingo Kane View Post
Getting the juice flowing after a hurricane is an enormous logistical nightmare...quite often more people die after the hurricane than die in it--from tree trimmers, lineman, substation electricians, etc. You have a wide array of training, some good and some rather shabby. Not to mention the long, long hours you work, being away from home, and just being tired of the job, the food, and staying in tents and trucks (unless you're lucky enough to be in a hotel with lights). Shit safe out there folks. Be patient, before a lineman closes that switch, he has to be 100% sure...because once it's closed, you can't open that mutherfucker fast enough when the fire balls start flying--BTDT.
Yesterday, a seven year old in Lakeland died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning because her mother ran a generator inside the home. Very sad. The mom is hospitalized and in serious condition.
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