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Psyops compass points...

More discipline??
Back to basics soldiering skills??
A new PSYOP Command with our own 2 Star Billet??
Stronger NCO's/Leaders??
More cultural training???
Cutting out the red tape of the approval process??

First off, a few qualifiers...

I'm not in Psyops, nor do i hold a MOS in that career field, so my opinions are just that, opinions and thoughts...

I would think that the future of Psyops is rooted in the transition of the Army from a Divisional organization to the proposed "self contained brigade structure" concept being floated around.

The insurgent issues in Iraq and Afghanistan are, IMHO, are reinforcing lessons already learned, but sadly forgotten, in Vietnam and other locales about how critical popular support is, and how little effort it takes to sway the populace. This makes the Psyops field an invaluable asset to field commanders AFTER organized military resitance is finished, and humanitarian assitance begins.

The first two items, discipline, and basic soldier skills should be self evident. The Armed Forces, ever slow to change due to bureacratic inertia, are still geared towards a force structure and training philosophy involving large scale organized (read Cold War era, and possiblr China) oppositions. neglected by the wayside for those units are the individual soldier skills that many commanders see as problematic due to other commitments, lack of training dollars, etc. Why the f*%k was the 101st sent to put out forest fires? I suppose one could say it was a good "conditioning drill" for chaos management in small unit tactics, but I think more time should have been spent in MOUT training, etc.

A MG Psyop command is probably a good thing, especially if the career field is slated to grow. But as after any prolonged conflict, I would expect an immediate politicaly motivated drawdown of military spending and staffing. The current crop of Psyops NCO's and company grade's are being hardened and tested in ways no training could compare to, and will be the next conflict's senior leader's. Let's hope they are not consumed by the careerism prevalent in the "corporate" Army, and remeber the lessons they learned while in the mix.

I'm not sure what you mean by "cultural training" other than exposure to an area's cultural bias, ethno-religious issues, etc. I believe each POG is "targeted" on areas of responsibility, and conduct such training to help and assist in the effective production of Psyop materials and messages.

The "red tape" of the approval process may be the hardest to address. Take the recent case of the "Quran abuse" at Gitmo. The smallest of leaflets, the most innocent of messages may be construed wildly out of the intended context, and the entire COC better have a Class I CYA plan in effect. I don't see that shorcutting the approval process, with so many "potentials for disaster" in Psyops products, would be productive in a military culture concerened with the next EER/OER.

Just a few thoughts...

"Do not touch anything unnecessarily. Beware of pretty girls in dance halls and parks who may be spies, as well as bicycles, revolvers, uniforms, arms, dead horses, and men lying on roads -- they are not there accidentally."

1930's Soviet Army Manual
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