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Originally Posted by Fu King Lawyer View Post
If you can do it, accounting is an exceptional degree to get you into LE. Crimes are usually the result of money, love, (the love of money), or drugs. If you have the training to follow the money, you will be worth your weight in gold.

Foreign language degrees rate right up there.

So much nowadays involves electronic law and evidence, anything related to IT helps.
Strong advice...

I havent been a cop since the early 2000's... but... when I was still in uniform, guys that had strong IT skills were HIGHLY VALUED (I cant imagine that has changed much at all).. We also had a couple of detectives that had BBA's in accounting.. they were young fast trackers that went from patrol straight into the investigations unit in 3 years (unheard of at my old agency.. typically it was at least a 5 year wait.. several investigators had 10+ years before they got selected for a detectives shield..)..
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