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Originally Posted by Fu King Lawyer View Post
A bachelor's degree is highly desirable and opens up many more jobs - federal and state crime bureaus which won't accept you if you don't have one. Many also require law enforcement experience, and getting it now will ease of burden of trying to get the degree while you are working, especially shifts.

If you can do it, accounting is an exceptional degree to get you into LE. Crimes are usually the result of money, love, (the love of money), or drugs. If you have the training to follow the money, you will be worth your weight in gold.

Foreign language degrees rate right up there.

So much nowadays involves electronic law and evidence, anything related to IT helps.

Several agencies need LEO - pilots which is a great career niche.

If you go with any of the above, get a CJ minor which may help.
Agreed. I have a BS and MA in Criminal Justice. Also taught it for 10 years at the university level. If I had a do over, I'd forgo the CJ degree. Instead, I'd go with a BS in forensic accounting and a minor in computer security. That's for undergraduate.

Now after the BS, and depending on career aspirations, seriously consider getting an MBA (private sector) or MPA (public sector), or JD (either). Secure those degree before you reach 40 and get your agency or company to help foot the bill. My best bit of advice is always think strategic (meaning for current AND future assignments or careers), act accordingly, and execute posthaste.

I didn't follow that last bit of advice for my last degree (JD), wish I had.
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