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Excellent advice all around. Appreciate it.

Re: accounting - I'm actually pretty awful at math in general, so I don't see an accounting degree in my future. I'm in the middle of a remedial math class right now and I'm struggling through it(though I did take a 5+ year break from math classes in general, so I'm really rusty).

Re: Computer science/forensics - It is of interest, but I don't know if it would hold my interest long enough to get through 60+ credits. I'll have to look into it more. Of the few computer courses I've taken, two were dirt easy(basically intro to MS programs), and the other was Intro to Programming, which I thought would interest me, but it didn't and I ended up dropping it.

Re: A foreign language - I've heard varying opinions with regards to degrees in Spanish and French and the like. Some people I've heard from have gotten degrees in the aforementioned languages, but didn't speak them, so they ended up not using their degree. Other people have had the opposite experience, where they got a degree in Spanish, coupled it with a semester or more studying abroad and are not fluent and working in Spain or Mexico, etc.

One of my cousins actually has a degree in Spanish and is working for a non-profit in TX where her knowing Spanish has been a major asset.

I have been wanting to learn a foreign language, though, and have been playing around with a few apps like DuoLingo.

Again, excellent advice.
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