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Old 8 March 2012, 16:31
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Tibor Rubin Super Jew

His words....I never knew his story. This man was recommended for the CMOH four times. The video is great, he tells his story with humility and humor:

Wrench, non adjustable NSDQ

"Immature jackoff/asshole/agitator"

"I can only say I'm sorry so many times and mean it" Homer Simpson
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Old 8 March 2012, 17:08
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I guess I'll be looking for a goat pen the next time I come down with the flu! =)
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Old 8 March 2012, 18:59
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Every time I hear his story I'm awestruck by his perseverance and bravery.
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Old 8 March 2012, 20:30
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The epitome of the warrior spirit, and considering where he came from and what he went through, a middle finger salute to the nazis for good measure.
Thank you for posting it.
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Old 8 March 2012, 23:11
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Four times!!!! Rock Hard I say, ROCK HARD
Muthafuckers didn't walk yo!:)
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Old 9 March 2012, 13:39
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The amazing thing is he knew his Sgt was trying to get him killed and he just kept going. Sweet justice. In the end his Sgt made him a hero as he says in the video.
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Old 9 March 2012, 13:57
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I was very moved by that. "Yesterday, I was a schmuck".
I don't think so, Mister Rubin... I don't think you ever were.
I'd like to shake your hand and buy you a beer... you HARDASS!

Never forget... Never again.
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Old 9 March 2012, 20:31
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Simply awesome example of warrior spirit.

"I prayed to Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, Buddha. I said someone get my ass out of here"
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Old 9 March 2012, 21:15
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My first thought is wishing I could find that 'Sergeant' and kick him in the nuts. Not for his orders; but his failure to recognize Corporal Rubin's efforts...
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Old 9 March 2012, 22:28
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Hard. That's good shit.
"History is the fiction we invent to persuade ourselves that events are knowable and that life has order and direction. That's why events are always reinterpreted when values change. We need new versions of history to allow for our current prejudices." -Bill Watterson
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Old 10 March 2012, 09:58
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He went through the worst life has to offer and came out a true hero.
Quite a man.
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Old 10 March 2012, 13:24
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Humbling. An example of what can be the best and the worst of humanity.

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Old 20 March 2012, 06:59
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From the hell of the holocaust to the hell of a hill in Korea, Mr Rubin dealt with the worst in humanity, and managed to survive both.

It is sad that that his heroic actions occurred in 1953, yet he did not receive the Medal of Honor until 2005.

Rank and Organization: Coproral, U.S. Army, Company I, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division. Place and date: Republic of Korea, 23 July 1950-20 April 1953.
Corporal Tibor Rubin distinguished himself by extraordinary heroism during the period from July 23, 1950, to April 20, 1953, while serving as a rifleman with Company I, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division in the Republic of Korea. While his unit was retreating to the Pusan Perimeter, Corporal Rubin was assigned to stay behind to keep open the vital Taegu-Pusan Road link used by his withdrawing unit. During the ensuing battle, overwhelming numbers of North Korean troops assaulted a hill defended solely by Corporal Rubin. He inflicted a staggering number of casualties on the attacking force during his personal 24-hour battle, single-handedly slowing the enemy advance and allowing the 8th Cavalry Regiment to complete its withdrawal successfully. Following the breakout from the Pusan Perimeter, the 8th Cavalry Regiment proceeded northward and advanced into North Korea. During the advance, he helped capture several hundred North Korean soldiers. On October 30, 1950, Chinese forces attacked his unit at Unsan, North Korea, during a massive nighttime assault. That night and throughout the next day, he manned a .30 caliber machine gun at the south end of the unit's line after three previous gunners became casualties. He continued to man his machine gun until his ammunition was exhausted. His determined stand slowed the pace of the enemy advance in his sector, permitting the remnants of his unit to retreat southward. As the battle raged, Corporal Rubin was severely wounded and captured by the Chinese. Choosing to remain in the prison camp despite offers from the Chinese to return him to his native Hungary, Corporal Rubin disregarded his own personal safety and immediately began sneaking out of the camp at night in search of food for his comrades. Breaking into enemy food storehouses and gardens, he risked certain torture or death if caught. Corporal Rubin provided not only food to the starving Soldiers, but also desperately needed medical care and moral support for the sick and wounded of the POW camp. His brave, selfless efforts were directly attributed to saving the lives of as many as forty of his fellow prisoners. Corporal Rubin's gallant actions in close contact with the enemy and unyielding courage and bravery while a prisoner of war are in the highest traditions of military service and reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Army.
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Old 10 April 2012, 14:30
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"When you save a life, you save a nation." "You never know what they will become". Outstanding, and humbling.

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Old 12 April 2012, 08:15
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I'd put Cpl. Rubin right up there with another Super Jew of fame, Mo Berg.

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Old 12 April 2012, 22:57
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In spite of his ordeals as a POW he continued to give encouragement (dar animos) to his fellow prisoners. He used his experiences in the Nazi camps to help him survive and to give support to the other POWs.

I have no words to adequately express my admiration for the man.
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Old 9 December 2015, 15:19
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Mr. Rubin has died.


While I'm not a NYT fan, they often have interesting info in obituaries. I have no idea if the anti-semitism claims are correct; but there was apparently a big brouhaha over Jewish vets maybe having been denied recognition in some cases. I didn't know anything about that. Too bad that become a centerpiece of his obituary.


The key thing is, a warrior and hero has passed on. RIP, Mr. Rubin.

כל כבוד.

edit: I think the LA Times obit is better.


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Old 9 December 2015, 20:05
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blue skys you awesome devil.
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Old 9 December 2015, 22:04
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RIP Cpl Rubin. Your story has been an inspiration to countless people over the years. May it be told for many many more years to come.
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Old 10 December 2015, 12:51
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Incredible. Words do not do it justice.
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