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Old 27 September 2014, 16:18
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PSYOP Training Pipeline for Officers

Good afternoon everyone,

I am currently in the very beginning stages of the PSYOP pipeline. I completed the ARSOF board, learned my packet had been selected, and currently have a POAS date lined up starting in the middle of March 2015.

What I am trying to find out exactly is which Captain's Career Course do 37As usually attend? I have heard from a single source that PSYOP/CA/SF all attend SOFCCC, however according to "" and "DA PAM 600-3 Commissioned Officer Professional Development" that 37As attend one of four CCCs: MI, MP, Maneuver, or Aviation. Can anyone confirm or deny either of these pieces of information?

Thank you in advance to anyone who may provide any insight to my post.

Road Warrior
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Old 2 October 2014, 13:31
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While i was in IBT(in-between training cycles) I was assigned to work at 19th replacement as a liaison for SWCS. We sent all O's to the same CCC's class regardless of which follow-on Q you would be attending.
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Old 8 October 2014, 17:43
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All 3 pipelines (SF, CA, PSYOP) attend Army Special Operations Forces Captain's Career Course (ARSOFCCC). I attended earlier this year and enjoyed it; my class had a very diverse set of officers from multiple backgrounds.
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