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Old 31 August 2010, 15:20
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Exclamation FORT Bragg up and comming J-fires training facilities

I am SFC Guarino the Joint Fires Observer manager for 18th ABN CORPS. I am tasked with implementing a training, and sustainment program as well as a JFO School house for all of the soldiers including the SOF guys on Fort Bragg.

I am here to see how we can best serve the SOF community as we know that your gang is having the same issues with not only getting slots for schooling but keeping JFOs certified once completed. Any input would be greatly appreciated and I can be reached at my sig below

once of the first things we looking to do it put out feelers to the recently retired FISTER, ANGLICOs, and JTAC to see who would be interested in taking what they have learned in their carreers and be responsible for training the future of Joint Fires Observers here at Fort Bragg.

We are currently purchasing simulators and facilities to provide training and sustainment to JFOs, JTACS and SOTACS here on FT Bragg as well as provide the means to assist your JFO Managers in keeping your JFOS current. We are currently procuring 2 CFFT IIs with the HMD and ISLID attachments which are authorized by JFCOM for type one CERT for SOTACS and JTACS. As well a 52 soldier simo VBS2 sweet with fires and CAS. This is an in-depth virtual training sweet which adds some serious realism which will allow us to extend our JFO training from just some yacko on a hill to having the ability to create highly realistic scenarios for out Soldiers to work out problems here before going there. This will allow you to not only train JFOs but work in your JTACS and your Infantry guys in at the same time in a virtual world with limited cost to the unit.

WE are also in the works of getting a dome CAS trainer as well. These facilities will be open to the FORT Bragg community starting on or about 1 OCT 2010 at temporary buildings until our permanent facilities are either built or acquired. For further inquiries please contact me below.

Also Our long term plan is to open our own school here at Bragg for all here to use including but being able to find enough green suiters to fill these roles as instructors so their is necessity of having contractors to fill these.

More than likely you would be contracted through one the companies who do this. It is important to us to find out though what the possibilities are of local retirees being interested in doing this kind of work. Please send inquiries and brief lay out of you experience to the CONUS E-mail below. Finding out what is available will go a long way to allow us to get the FORT Bragg JFO school of the ground.

SFC Gioacchino Guarino III
XVIII Airborne Corps, G3 FSC ,Joint Fires Observer Manager
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