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Old 18 February 2007, 03:46
zmtthw zmtthw is offline
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Lockheed Martin

I was curious if anyone had any experience with Lockheed Martin. I checked out their web-page and they have a pretty big section dealing with people leaving the military and future job positions. If anyone has any personal experience and doesn't mind me dropping a pm their way, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the help.

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Old 19 February 2007, 11:43
dogman dogman is offline
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It would help if you narrowed the scope of what you are looking at (i.e., IT, avionics, contractor on a mil base, work in a Lockeed facility, etc.). In general, they are like any big corporation of that type (e.g., Raytheon) - decent pay, decent benefits. My previous company was acquired by LM and the biggest PIA I have had to deal with is 20 plus hours of online sensitivity training every year that can be narrowed down to one question:

Do you have common sense? Yes/no. (I wonder if I can six sigma that process:))
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Old 19 February 2007, 16:55
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LMAO. Shut up and fill in the forms, dogman. Just color like they tell you.
- I personally have never killed anyone, but I have read some obituaries with pleasure.

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Old 19 February 2007, 19:56
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Ain't Six Sigma grand!
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Old 19 February 2007, 21:30
zmtthw zmtthw is offline
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I appreciate the help guys. I was on their web page today, and came across their 'virtual recruiter'. It was kind of a chatroom setup. Due to the fact that I wasn't in my 6 month window of getting out, there really wasn't to much information that they could give. I have come across a few things that I think I might be able to contribute with them, so Ill see what happens. Thanks again for the help.

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