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Thumbs up Seeking * * *Airborne Insertion Advisor (AIA), $85-120K, Benefits, Lejeune, SECRET

SB Approved

Salary Range from $85,000 - $120,000, Full Benefits

The AIA shall have a clear understanding of the MARSOC organization, structure, and mission in order to perform AIA advising, assisting and coordination functions across all aspects of airborne insertion within this task order, and all other duties, responsibilities, and actions necessary to support AIA activities. The AIA shall perform all tasks associated with this position such as:

Be able to participate in military freefall (MFF); high altitude high opening (HAHO), high altitude low opening (HALO), and double bag static line (DBSL) events while wearing the properly configured multi mission parachute system (MMPS) and bailout oxygen system; must be able to carry this equipment while walking up to 1,000 yards
Provide training to designated individuals/MSOTs in the comprehension in the mechanics; technical implementation, methodology, and TTPs in conducting combat equipment, MFF/DBSL operations at night into an unmarked drop zone at night.
Provide instruction on advance freefall for individual and collective tasks in a wind tunnel or during an airborne operation
Coordinate with the MRR S-3 Operations Center key personnel (Operations Officer, Operations Chief, and Training Officer) on airborne related issues
Make announced visits and inspections during unit airborne training
Be willing to fly on fixed or rotary wing aircraft/air movement (MILAIR/Contracted)
Participate in required meetings
Enforce doctrine, unit SOPs and establish attainable/relevant standards based on the conditions set
Be adequately prepared for all training event(s) including being on time and with appropriate equipment
Coordinate with uniformed personnel to capture input for and the preparation of AARs
Ensure compliance and enforcement of safety
Maintain accountability of assigned equipment, training aids and training preparations

Required Qualifications:

Former Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) or Warrant Officer
Must have held position of leadership for at least 2 years at the Team or Platoon level or higher for a MFF Team or unit
SOF Combat Diver
Must have 15 years SOF experience from date of graduation from their perspective pipeline as an operator or leader in either a Special Mission Unit (SMU); U.S. Army Special Forces; Navy SEALs; Marine Special Operations Command; or U. S. Army 75th Infantry Ranger Regiment to include award and retention of their Military Occupational Specialty Qualification (MOSQ)
Position requires incumbent to perform additional duties as a MFF Jumpmaster, MFF instructor (MFFI #), maintain ratings as an Accelerated Freefall Instructor, and Accelerated Freefall Instructor/Examiner,
Tandem Instructor, Tandem Instructor Examiner, Aerial Videographer, USPA appointed Safety and Training Advisor (S&TA), and maintain a USPA Class D license and a Professional Skydiver Rating
Maintain currency as a MFF jumpmaster (JM) capable of inspecting different MFF parachutes and jumper configurations to include oxygen, combat equipment, and SCUBA
Possess a SECRET clearance on day 1
15 years’ military experience in parachute operations
Must have and maintain a current High Altitude Parachutists (HAP) training card (AF Form 702- Individual Training Record, AF Form 1274-Physiological Training Card, NOMI Form 1550/28-US Navy, NP6 training, High Altitude Parachute Physiology, USAASMC (AA) Form 484-US Army School of Aviation Medicine, Physiological Training Card) and a HALO physical IAW AR 40-501, Standards of Medical Fitness both of which are valid for five years unless older than age 50, then physicals must be conducted yearly
Must meet the standards of a U.S. Army Class III flight physical and U.S. Air Force high-altitude physiological chamber test every five years. Duties will also require fitness
This position is designated as a Testing Designated Position (TDP) under the Air Force Civilian Drug Testing Program. As a mandatory requirement for employment, the incumbent is to refrain from use of illegal drugs and if requested, submit to urinalysis testing. Selectee must sign a statement acknowledging the position occupied as a Testing Designated Position
Must be able to participate in MFF parachute operations, able to swim, participate in intentional water jumps, and participate in commercial-off- the-shelf parachute operations at high altitudes
Must be able to pass hyperbaric chamber requirement
Current driver’s license
Shall be required to travel up to 50% in the performance of assigned duties
Upon hire, must attend training in Special Operations Military Free-Fall (MFF) tactical insertion techniques using night vision goggles (NVGs), navigation aids, and recognition and emergency procedures required to counter MFF parachute malfunctions if not already trained

APPLY or email us your resume at
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