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For allyou guys spending your pensions in Clothing Sales Stores- at Fort Benning and other posts with Basic Training/OSUT, there is a place on post called ' Classification Clothing Turn-in', the place where the Drill Sergeants turn in the gear of the peopel that dont make or desert.

With a set of orders, your sons/daughters can go to thius place and buy uniforms, boots,hats,gloves- anything issued for pennies on the dollar. Talk to the guy working there and he might just square them away with a duffel bag full of t-shirts and towels- since they cant be resold. Used to send RIP students on detail there, always sent the guys that had uniform and boot 'issues'.

The guy at Benning back then squared away a few guys (cadre) with enough t-shirts and towels that when they went to SFAS, they just threw away the dirty stuff...
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