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Old 29 August 2019, 18:51
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Originally Posted by Massgrunt View Post
I continually forget that eventually all threads of this nature devolve from intelligent discussion to "cops did something bad somewhere" in a more or less linear way. The ratio of intelligent commentary and discussion to axe grinding is lopsided.
x1000. Sad and true.
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Old 29 August 2019, 19:39
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Posts like Streck-fu's last two gems are the forum equivalent of streaking during a track event and insisting that you're a competitor.
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Old 20 November 2019, 11:56
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FBI arrests 2 Officers and Civilian 911 Caller.
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Old 20 November 2019, 12:30
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Originally Posted by Streck-Fu View Post
Not Houston .... but....cops chase suspect who runs into/through a family's yard. Police put several children on the ground at gunpoint. Family dog is in the yard but not barking or approaching police. One officer tries to shoot dog and misses so he shoots again and misses while striking a child a couple feet away from the dog.

Family sues. Federal court says "denied". Qualified immunity. Sucks to be you.
It's an Appeals Court. This needs to go to SCOTUS. Fuck that shit. The dept that still employs him after that needs an enema.
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Old 20 November 2019, 13:31
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I suppose asking for murder charges (the Texas version of manslaughter) against Garcia or Goines is hoping for too much.

Edit: Oh, cool. They are going for felony murder against Goines.
The newly unsealed indictment — which stems from a federal civil rights investigation — comes months after the Harris County District Attorney’s Office announced state charges against Goines and his partner, former police officer Steven Bryant. In addition to the new felonies, Goines was already charged with two counts of felony murder, while Bryant was facing one count of tampering with a government record.
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