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Old 12 August 2019, 20:57
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Very cool CV.
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Old 26 August 2019, 15:51
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Got a box for them now..
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Old 26 August 2019, 16:56
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Originally Posted by CV View Post
New watch. Always wanted single-hand watch for some reason. Itís awesome.

Only 500 made.

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Never even heard of a single-hand watch. Am I reading it right that it's showing 1635-1640?

That's darned cool.
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Old 12 September 2019, 10:00
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Vintage Hamilton circa 1956 serviced and polished.
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Old 16 September 2019, 06:30
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Originally Posted by bobmueller View Post
Never even heard of a single-hand watch. Am I reading it right that it's showing 1635-1640?

That's darned cool.
Sorry, just saw this. You are correct in the timing (each dash is a 10 minute interval). I like it because it helps create a more general awareness of time, instead of nitpicking each minute. I dig it a lot and it's certainly unique.
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Old 16 September 2019, 21:17
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Speaking of weird watch hands, this summer I came across the small dress Hamilton I was given 30+ years ago and never wore, sat in a drawer through multiple moves; dead for who knows how long.

However, still in nice condition, good finish and crystal, even the croc band was solid. Looked it up (had two small stop-watch faces inset) and it wasn't worth that much, and too small at this point for me to want to wear it but I thought about giving it to a friend's 12yo son.
Dropped in to a jeweler since it had some odd release detents, she pops in a new batt, look at the second hand, and ..... nothing.
We both go 'damn, that's too bad' at the same time and decide to write it off as really dead.

Except, as I'm trying to pay her for her time and the battery I glance at it again and I'm pretty sure the minute hand has moved.
We wait, watch, and sure as hell it is moving.
Play with the buttons a bit (manual, pfft) and turns out the second hand isn't a sweep, it's part of the tach feature, as around the dial margin is a way to estimate speed; punch the hand on at the start of a mile mark, off at the end, figures give your velocity. Cool.

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