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Old 18 August 2018, 09:42
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This is huge

USG has been hunting this dude for a long, long time. I'm glad we got him before he was able to bring down another plane.
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Old 18 August 2018, 10:05
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Old 18 August 2018, 19:33
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Thumbs up

"..the Yemeni source said the group is trying to hunt down suspected "spies" who might have tipped off the U.S. on his whereabouts leading up to the strike."

Good, I hope they loose a few more in the proccess. +1 for the drone program. Thanks guys, whoever/wherever you are!

Banned member Redbull spoke a lot about these outfits using flamable gel or something to bring down another airliner. We'll see if any of that materializes in the future.
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Old 19 August 2018, 09:25
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Glad an accessory to attempted/murder is dirt napping. But "HUGE"? It's been 9 years since his last failure (Umar Farouk, you know, Mr. "We have this individual under surveillance and are trying to disable an entire network... LOL), his "printer" never made it, and his prison wallet bomb (keistering) failed too (well, he did manage to kill his own brother - only).

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Old 21 August 2018, 12:49
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Yeah, huge in the sense that the next guy in line to get a keister bomb is probably stoked he will get blown up the "regular" way hahahah
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