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Old 1 January 2009, 08:42
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PerSec on MySpace

A former co-worker of mine is now a deputy several counties over, and he shared this story with me a few weeks ago.

They are going through a hiring process for road deputies. One of their dispatchers (female) was in the process. She's sharp, well thought of, and a good worker.

She made it through the first interview panel with flying colors. The background investigator began research to update her profile -- she'd been with the Sheriff's Office just under three years, and they didn't expect to find much.

Until they checked her page on "MySpace". There was a link there to a personal blog on blogspot.

Reading that, they discovered that she'd had a brief & unhappy affair in the spring with a then married, now separated, soon to be divorced deputy who is held in low esteem by the other deputies because he lacks common sense and abuses sick leave. (He's trying to find a way to retire on a disability because of a back injury). She didn't have names mentioned, but if you knew where she worked, you could figure out who she was writing about.

Her personal reputation & credibility has taken a hit -- not a good idea to be sleeping with a married guy, particularly one who is kind of a gooner.

She also had several concert reviews posted, from concerts she'd attended featuring local bands. Several of the reviews had photos of her with the band members. (There was NOTHING in the pictures that was inappropriate)

However, the background investigator was able to determine that she called in sick & created overtime to attend two of the concerts.

So, she was dropped from the hiring process and is facing discipline for abusing sick leave.

Exercise judgement in what you do, and in who you tell. Bad judgement may be your personal business, but it isn't personal once you post it on "my space" or "face book" or one of the other social networking websites . . .

My buddy tells me everybody feels bad about it, because the general consensus is that the girl would make a good deputy. Hopefully she can grow up a little bit and dig herself out of the hole she dug and get her career back on track at some future time . . .
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Old 1 January 2009, 16:21
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You're addressing PerSec vice OpSec so I changed the title of the thread to reflect that.
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Old 1 January 2009, 23:33
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Originally Posted by GreenWarrior View Post
Interesting story and all, but why do they feel she would make a good deputy? Seems like her morals/ethics suck and has low integrity. Just sayin'...

Obviously she had a nice rack, just guessing...
"First, decide who you would be. Then, do what you must do." -Epictetus
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Old 1 January 2009, 23:36
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Originally Posted by Xdeth View Post
Obviously she had a nice rack, just guessing...
Anyone see her Myspace page.

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Old 2 January 2009, 02:33
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I help teach a tactical medical course and under one of the lectures on medical inteligance a open source search ( before the class) always has at least one person blabing to the world there life on the web.
'"People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand
ready to do violence on their behalf." -- George Orwell
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Old 5 January 2009, 11:35
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A. This thread is worthless without pictures.

B. Is she hot?
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Old 5 January 2009, 13:15
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Originally Posted by RetPara View Post
A. This thread is worthless without pictures.

B. Is she hot?
What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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