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Old 28 December 2016, 11:19
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Originally Posted by cg4139 View Post
Not "concerned" per se, just curious if there was anything I had missed. I'm in it for the long haul.

The wife already got her CHL and has taken a few pistol courses on her own to get trained up as well. (I figured her learning from someone else would keep it less stress free and make her more open to instruction than from me, well worth the $)

I've got no issues confronting the turd, it's the wife being marked that I have concern with.
No worries, Brother! I didn't want to come across as negative. The key to it all is -- vigilance -- by you and her. I have always believed that roaches hate the, I make sure to keep the light on for them....

Stay safe out there!
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Old 11 April 2017, 04:49
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I consider myself the SME on this in my state.

1. Texas allows for peace officers or other protected individuals to seal their voter registration records. Fill out this form and send it to your voter registrar.
2. Texas statute allows for peace officers to use the county court house address of their residence on their DL and/or state ID.
3. You cannot remove your tax assessment record or property tax information from public record but you can ask to remove it from their online search.
4. Use a PO Box or mail box service(UPS box) for ALL your MAIL. NEVER have anything sent to your RESIDENCE. Companies will sell your information to third party data mining, marketing, and information broker services. This includes magazines, warranty cards, sweepstakes, bills ect.
5. Get a PO box or mailbox service and change your vehicle registration mailing address to it. This will take your home address off public information data broker services when a turd tries to look up your 10-28(license plate) on public information sites like
6. Keep an eye out for postcards with fine print giving you an opt-out for third party disclosure from your bank, cell phone service, credit cards, ect. They will sell your name, address, and other information to third parties who will sell it to information brokers.
7. Opt out of credit card prescreening. This will take your name off a majority of lists that will sell your information.
8. There are about 350 information brokers that have your information ready to sell for cheap. Some of them allow you to opt-out your personal information if you contact them. You need to go to each and every one of them and opt-out on their terms. I did it. Here is a list. Good luck.
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