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Old 3 November 2018, 00:42
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Swim Instruction

My 19 y/o son has a special contract for RECON Corpsman. His weakness is his swim. Iím looking to hire someone to spend some blocked time with him to get him on the right track. He doesnít leave until after New Year. We live in central Pa. Budget is flexible.
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Old 3 November 2018, 09:41
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I'll ask around.

What do you mean by "weakness"?

So, he is entering the Navy and has a SARC contract?

5 meter target is not getting hurt prior to boot camp.

25 meter target is crushing boot camp.

50 meter target is "A" school, etc.

At least that's my understanding of what Navy does.

I also thought there was help on base for swimming.

Or he could guzzle lots of semen from a chief and make rank like sailors usually do.

PM Sarc88 or Global Med, both SARC's.
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Old 3 November 2018, 12:36
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So hereís the scoop. The Navy just started a new program for corpsmen called the ATF pipeline. He has been offered this contract though he already signed for HM. The problem though is that the recruiting command has not been issued a directive yet to let these kids work out with the NSW recruiter who targets kids for BUDS, EOD, SWCC, dive. But like these same NECís he has to be able to pass the PST on arrival. So he canít wait until boot to refine his swim. He needs an expert in combat side stroke to help him get better. The pipeline leads to the NEC RECON IDC and is 131 weeks.
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Old 3 November 2018, 14:48
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I just contacted SARC88. He's on travel but should be along here shortly.
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Old 4 November 2018, 23:50
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TMD, Please PM me. Understand that the way you or he thinks he needs to swim, is not our way. Working out with the NSW trainer is a huge benefit, but that's all it is - a benefit. He will swim a thousand laps wrong, before he swims one right in training. Give me a shout.
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