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Old 22 March 2018, 12:57
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Fuck you, Facebook. I'm thrilled to see its stock downgraded, $50 billion in stock value erased, and advertisers suspending their contracts with Facebook. People to need to stop rewarding these people for being douchebags.

At the same time, anyone who believes social media is anything other than a data mine is Pollyana-level nave and this should not come as a surprise to anyone. So the issue is that Trump used the data better than Hillary to profile his "customer"? Big fucking deal; that's what a good marketer does.
"Bureaucracy always runs out of control and creates abuses...but without some regulations, people are just going to shit in your meat." --MakoZeroSix

"Never saw a shark swimming down my street, although that would be kinda cool." --Purple36
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Old 23 March 2018, 14:05
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But wait, you mean those "what figure from history are you" posts aren't real? They use the detailed response to do what?

PT Barnum said it best.
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Old 23 March 2018, 15:38
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CBS in 2011. Wizards.

Here's the thing: I've had a few chapters in my life, that are very separate, on different continents, before social media. I initially joined FB to find people I looked for for over a decade, and indeed did find them. I also use FB and IG for my coffee business, and it has been very helpful. So I can't be completely mad. In general, IG is business only, FB I mostly troll my plethora of liberal friends, and I rarely post personal stuff, let alone posting every time I fart, like many people. If you go here:

You can see what is essentially FB's profile on YOU. For example, click links and hit tabs, and you'll find stuff like this:

It's kinda interesting, but actually kind of 'whatever'. I'm sure my lack of 'here's what I'm doing now, where's my mood, #checkedinatx' posts limit their accuracy.

Wait, who am I kidding, they see everything I do on my phone. Nevermind.

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