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Old 2 July 2017, 00:26
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That is good to hear! Watch out for numbness and tingling in the inner groin on the side they pulled it up through. There is still a spot where I don't have any feeling.
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Old 4 July 2017, 17:01
doitforjonny doitforjonny is offline
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Yeah, that is the only side effect I have now. I assumed it would resolve?

I guess not, in some cases?
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Old 26 July 2017, 19:07
foxcolt13 foxcolt13 is offline
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Im glad it turned out ok for you. I have two nuts and cant use either one thanks to my Fibro meds which I quit taking today.
Lost one to lost three......are you lost too.
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Old 28 July 2017, 00:34
vetadvocate vetadvocate is offline
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doitforjonny, you can still get rated since you have a deployment to Iraq you qualify for the Gen Med Gulf War exam. This exam will cover any chronic undiagnosed illness i.e. abdominal pain, joint pain, constipation, IBS, breathing problems or respitory issues ect.. Even if you were not seen for these symptoms in service and some doctor told you to suck it up you can still get service connected.
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Old 28 July 2017, 12:45
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I am glad to hear as well, been away for awhile and just saw this.

You raised a very very important point about adding your cancer to a cancer registry, a nationwide database that tracks, and analyzes data for clusters, etc.

Lastly, every single veteran who gets cancer should submit their information to the woman you mentioned.

During Vietnam, the Riverine forces were being ambushed regularly, and the jungle grew right up to the banks of the Mekong Delta. On hearing this, a general ordered the use of Agent Orange on the banks. Afterwards, it looked like a lunar landscape, drove Charles back, reduced ambushes, win win, right?
Wrong. the crews of these swiftboats routinely washed their clothes by tying them off in the prop wash. AO, after exfoliating, and not being absorbed by vegetation drained into the rivers. This is how insidious these carcinogens can be.
This was not figured out till years later, and why registries are important.
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Old 28 July 2017, 12:47
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prop wash is used as a generic term, as the PBRs operated on jet propulsion.
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Old 4 August 2017, 12:39
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Originally Posted by doitforjonny View Post
Quick update- Biopsy comes back as pure seminoma. Apparently that means it is very unlikely to spread, and most likely is 90%+ survivable. I get a 10 year observation protocol to follow.

This is pretty much a best case result, besides the fact that I feel like I hit a 2 week roadbump in my life and lost a nut during the process (the correct one, thank goodness). Still don't feel like I had/have cancer, or anything else drastic.

The whole experience is totally surreal. If I did not have a C-Section scar to prove it, I might be inclined to disbelieve it happened.

Thanks all for the insight and hopefully this anecdote will inform others down the road.
Very good news.

You're the second SOF associate I've known this year to lose a testicle to cancer. The other guy was mid-30s, out for a few years when diagnosed as well.
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