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Old 12 May 2014, 14:29
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Sources for info on CA projects

Hi all –

I’m a retired CA PSYOP guy and I just started a grad certificate program in project monitoring and evaluation (M&E). It’s geared towards the development sector and all the M&E stuff we did in the Army isn’t the same as designing and setting up M&E programs, so I'm drinking through the fire hose trying to get the lingo, etc.

Right now I need to come up with a real project that I can use as a learning model/example as I go through this course. I need to come up with enough info to explain the purpose of the project (as a separate event and within the intent of the larger program), the desired outcomes, perspectives of the “donor” (State Dept, AFRICOM, ISAF, whoever), the implementer (the unit and soldiers) and the beneficiary.

Can anyone point me to sources of info for CA or coalition projects? I was a member of an Army CA forum but have lost that site and can’t get back into AKO to try and run it down.

Appreciate any help!
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Old 12 May 2014, 15:11
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Glad to see you made it onto the boards, Hoop. I have buried on the old (recovered) hard drive some old .xls and .ppt of an OIF-1 expenditure of 100k in CERP funds on a dozen schools and some water works, but you'd have to wing it for the perspective of the donor.

HH6 did a similar (program mgmt) master's cert from Vandy a couple of years ago, so I can sympathize...!

Hopefully one of the more recent action heros will be better equipped than I am.

Welcome to SOCnet, and damn glad to see ya here.

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