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Old 5 November 2017, 17:49
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Flashman's creator

Otherwise caricatured in Black adder as Lord Flash heart,
Quite a controversial figure who rewrote the Flash man series after the Tom Browns schooldays novel.
Wrote an absolutely scathing review of PC, scabrous, didn't mince his words and excoriates both political parties in the UK.
Long article, I enjoyed it, I hope you guys will too.
I particularly liked
Furthermore, it makes grieving part of the national culture, as it was on such a nauseating scale when large areas were carpeted in rotting vegetation in "mourning" for the Princess of Wales; and it insists that anyone suffering ordinary hardship should be regarded as a "victim" - and, of course, be paid for it.

Read more:
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Old 19 January 2018, 11:18
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Excellent article! Thanks.
You have to love George McDonald Fraser he's brilliant. He is also a WWII vet who served in Burma and wrote about his experiences. I'm going to need to read that one day.
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Old 19 January 2018, 12:09
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My dad was a huge fan of those books.
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Old 19 January 2018, 13:11
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You had me at Wing Commander the Lord Flashheart. That led me to read the article, whch was worth the read.
I wasn't familiar with Flash Man, or with Fraser.
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- Teddy Roosevelt
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Old 19 January 2018, 13:18
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Flashman is a hilarious way to learn about some of the British Empire's major battles. As Sir Harry tries to shirk duty and copulate with as many women as possible he manages to find himself in progressively dangerous situations. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Naturally, he becomes one of Britan's greatest heroes... Typical reading scenario: There you are reading a book on an airplane, all of a sudden you start laughing maniacally while the other passengers stare at you with shocked expressions.

Great in audiobook or in print.

Lord Flashheart

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Old 19 January 2018, 13:19
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He's the anti-Sharpe.
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Old 20 January 2018, 17:54
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BG Harry Flashman, Officer and Scoundrel!
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Old 22 January 2018, 16:41
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If they turned his exploits into a movie or mini series, I'd watch.
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Old 29 January 2018, 13:48
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His autobiography, Quartered Safe Out Here, is an excellent read. His take on the use of nuclear weapons towards the end of the book, is very insightful.
This book also is a good lead-in to his McAulsan series.
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