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Old 14 March 2017, 10:10
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I used a line from Prophet of Cobb hollow the other day.
Dude made a racial slur. Me "We are all Black on the inside. Look at your shadow."
Went over the dummies head.
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Old 14 March 2017, 11:56
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Finished "Gemini Man" last week and really liked it! Mingo's photos of the landscape above is what I pictured in my mind when reading the book.

"Scars of the Prophet" is on deck.
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Old 3 August 2017, 01:14
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I got MK's book. Now just need time for the read. Think I'll wait till school starts up in a couple weeks when there is some quiet in the house.
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Old 10 January 2018, 20:08
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Just finished Gemini Man and thoroughly enjoyed it. Nice story, well written. Got my old wore out ass thru several treadmill sessions by keeping me well entertained. Another quality book by Mingo Kane.
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Old 27 February 2018, 06:33
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Iíve read Cobb Hollow & Scars of the prophet but not Gemini Man.

Mingo thanks for gifting me The Prophet of Cobb Hollow on Kindle. It was very evocative and immersed me into the history. I totally loved it. I highly recommend reading it if yíall havenít.

I also liked Scars of the Prophet.

Please let me know when Gemini Man is available for purchase on Kindle. Note I said PURCHASE. You need to make some money from your books and I donít mind paying. I always support SOCNET authors.

Also your photos made me very jealous. Gorgeous scenery. Godís country for sure.
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