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Old 15 July 2019, 11:05
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This is who controls speech on the internet.

I am astonished at who these people are. Who they worked for and what their positions were before going to the internet companies is the absolute unequivocal explanation of our current circumstances. This makes civil war a real possibility.

Contact your Senator. This seems to be our only chance to get any investigative action, since the House is lost.
Old 15 July 2019, 14:43
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Civil war because you (we) don't like the way that a private business does business?

Seems a little carried away.

Maybe just don't do business with that business instead?

Don't HAVE to share pics on Facebook.

Besides, it's not like that doesn't happen in dozens of other industries.

Big wig bankers going from JPMorgan to the Fed or the SEC or the Cabinet.

Pharma execs going from Pfizer to the FDA and back every couple years.

Executives playing musical chairs between Monsanto and the FDA or Department of Agriculture.

Generals retiring and immediately taking jobs that rotate through government service and private enterprise.

I know it sucks in this case because it liberal getting over, but it's free enterprise and the kinds of laws that would prevent ideological nepotism in the workplace are the lind of laws conservatives have been fighting for years because they step on the toes of our "corporate citizens".

I KNOW Facebook leans Left. I've observed it in my own experience with Facebook. Been in "Facebook prison" a number of times because I have difficulty abiding by their progressive "hate speech" rules.

But it isn't my business to tell them who to hire or how to run their railroad.

If I don't like it I can go shop somewhere else.

But the last thing I'm gonna do is start shooting my fellow Americans because I don't like the rules a website or two have imposed on the folks who voluntarily frequent that website.
Old 15 July 2019, 17:11
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Originally Posted by Soot View Post
But the last thing I'm gonna do is start shooting my fellow Americans because I don't like the rules a website or two have imposed on the folks who voluntarily frequent that website.
Cooler heads are greatly appreciated. There was a line in the finale episode (which I highly recommend) of Blackadder Goes Forth when the captain is asked by a private why World War 1 ever started in the first place, and the captain's answer goes something like, "it was just too much bloody bother not to." Sometimes it seems like influential elements of the left and right in this country have already decided that a civil war just needs to happen, the sooner the better.

Republics have a short shelf life anyway, and ours is arguably already on hospice in preparation for its death throes, but I am bound by an oath to at least try to preserve and protect it. If it can't be salvaged without becoming an out-and-out oligarchy or dictatorship, I hope for a peaceful dissolution as some did in 1861 instead of what happened to too many civilians in 1865-66. Nobody on either side of that war in 1861, including its critics, foresaw the magnitude of human suffering that would come to pass so soon upon the helpless of society at the hands of people who had so recently been considered decent human beings. Regardless of its justifications, none of us will emerge from another civil war as anything other than slaves or monsters.

If necessary, I am prepared to be that monster, but I dread that it might ever come to pass.
"I don't know whether the world is run by smart men who are putting us on, or by imbeciles who really mean it." - Twain

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Old 15 July 2019, 17:21
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Link wont work. Hmm
Old 15 July 2019, 17:22
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All three of the posts are irritating.
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