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Old 3 May 2018, 08:19
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Originally Posted by CAVmedic View Post
Not want to derail the thread but, Russia has been hacking our online systems for years and has been implicated in multiple attacks on our critical infrastructure here in the U.S.
And so have we, the Chinese, the Brits, the Israelis, etc...

I admit the first I here of some of these types of attacks like the one stated in the beginning of the thread the first thing I think of is another terror act.
Not your fault - the entire country was purposely indoctrinated that way - it makes $. Televisions and Swimming Pools kill more Americans than terrorists (Yes, even 9/11 - divide ~3,000 by 17 years and look at the yearly total).

It's not like we didn't just have multiple car attacks of that MO in Israel, NYC and Europe. We all know from reading this board that it's directly out of Inspire magazine.
Don't care about Israel and Europe, we're not there. Do you really think that it took ragheads and 'Inspire' to come up with: "Hey, we can run over a bunch of people" ?

Olga Hepnarová (30 June 1951 – 12 March 1975) was a Czechoslovak mass murderer, who on 10 July 1973, killed eight people with a truck in Prague. Hepnarová was convicted and sentenced to death, and was executed in 1975, the last woman executed in Czechoslovakia.
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