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Old 27 December 2008, 02:37
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AAR Viking Tactics Active Shooter Class

Last week, I finished up the 4 day Viking Tactics Active Shooter Class. This class was hosted by the Alameda County Sherrif's Office in Alameda County. Viking Tactics comes to California three times a year and usually spends about 3 weeks each visit to teach classes.

This class costed 775.00. The ammo requirements included frangible rounds which Alameda County Range was nice enough to accept regular ammo for frangible at the rate of 2/1.

The student's were all LE except one NG soldier. A couple of the cops were from Oregon. Most of the LE's were patrol cops, with some on SWAT teams with collotoral duties. A few of us were on full time SWAT Teams.

Kyle Lamb told us during introductions that this Active Shooter class was not high speed, just basic tactics. I won't go into types of tactics or specific classes taught.

Day 1.
Morning --power point classes
Afternoon - divided into 7 teams of 4 to 5 based upon number of cops from same agencies. I was placed into a 4 man team where all of us were Sergeants and the ringer of the Sergeants was my old 18D now a 18F on a sister ODA in my NG SF Company. The rest of the day was taped (cones) flow drills in preparation for shoot house drills.

Day 2.
Morning - cone flow drills followed by sims in the house (no force on force)
Afternoon - sims in the house (no force on force).

Day 3.
Afternoon - CTE's live fire in preparation for shoot house and shoot house drills. We did about 4 runs though the house.

Evening - active shooter scenarios at a school and a mall walk though.

Day 4.
Afternoon- shoot house runs. We did another 4 runs though the house.
Evening- active shooter scenarios at a different school.

This was my 3rd Viking Tactics Class and I was once again pleased with the instruction received. Of course, I was lucky enough that my agency paid for me to go.

Some of the issues that I annoted on thier EOC was too many students in the class. Either have round robin shoothouse/range to maximise shoot house training which is hard to come by for certain LE agencies. I also suggested other scenerios like a high rise one (we had one in 1993 where 9 people died). Ammunition listed on the flyer was more than enough for the class.

I know Viking Tatics is trying to get their classes CA POST Plan IV certified which will make it easier for LE agencies to send their cops. If funding is still there in my agency, I plan on sending more guys to their next class in March.
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